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BV cosmetics® disinfectant mist

- BV cosmetics disinfectant mist has been created to eliminate germs from your makeup products and tools
- Disinfect your makeup products and tools in seconds
- Laboratory tested against the most common bacterial organisms found on makeup products like eyeshadows, lipsticks, pressed powders and makeup tools, etc. with an EFFICACY RATE OF 99.99%
- Will not harm your products or tools
- Quick drying and leaves behind an amazing scent
- Product is endorsed by BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY  and VEGAN SA
- This is a must have in every makeup artist kit

BV cosmetics® makeup brush shampoo solution

- BV cosmetics makeup brush shampoo solution has been created to ensure your makeup brushes and sponges are effectively cleaned
- High foaming liquid
- Leaves your brushes smelling fresh
- Product endorsed by BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY and VEGAN SA
- An essential in every makeup artist kit